WE are involved in the promotion of correct and appropriate information and 
also interested in protecting the interests of the investors while interacting with corporate and legal and/or illegal organizations they meet and get involved during the process.

Following this policy, WE are responsible for guaranteeing a successful transaction based on just and appropriate business rules:

The global integration of capital markets involves a great number of participants. As it provides the possibility of capital flows or the chance of taking personal advantage of some investors, the main objectives  is to prevent violations of any kind while trading - asking all the entities involved for following the regulations established.

Reliability and ethical premises are the basics of a respectable and serious market development. Fraudulent activities damage not only the integrity of the market, but also destroy client's trust.

Federal and State legislations must be accepted, interpreted and put into practice by all the investors in order to achieve a proper and efficient administration of the Mergers and Acquisitions.

All documentation received may be published, and forwarded to the financial authorities. 
All communications between Economic Frauds Inc. and contacts will be recorded to ensure quality control and training purposes.